Job oriented certified programs

Class 6 to 12

Remember that programming is not just about learning languages. It’s equally important to understand programming concepts, problem-solving strategies, and best practices. Practicing coding regularly, working on projects, and participating in coding competitions can further enhance your skills. If you are a programming student in grades 6 to 12, there are several programming languages and concepts that you can learn to enhance your skills. Here are some suggestions: 


As a programming student, there are several programming languages and technologies that you can consider learning between graduations to enhance your skills and broaden your knowledge. Here are some popular options:

Internship program

During an internship, programming students should focus on learning and improving their technical skills, as well as gaining practical experience in a professional environment. Here are some programming languages and skills that are commonly valuable for interns:

Web development

Java Developer


Tally with GST

Digital marketing

Data analyst

Python with Django


Tally with accounting